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Posted May 2022

My Camera Match

Are security cameras important? Its a good question considering all the options out there. Is it necessary for me to purchase a camera to watch over my home and property? The answer is a resounding yes. According to, "there are over 2.5 million burglaries each year, and 66% of those are home break-ins." That means that there are almost 2 burglars every minute in the United States. Many of these are happening in daylight hours, and take an average of 10 minutes! Depending on the city you are living in, crime rates can very. If you take a look at you can get a better idea about what it is like in your nieghborhood. Click here.









So now the quesiton becomes, do I need to spring for the monitoring service to get the best protection? The answer is not always yes.  Can monitoring systems be helpful and necessary in certain situations, of course! But for the majority of us a security system of cameras will deter and probably prevent a break-in. According to an article in, Jennifer Pattison Tuohy writes that "[...] A bad guy sees the camera and may skip your home and move on to an easier target.” Security cameras provide a psychological defense for our homes and property because burglars see it and are more likely to find an easier target.


Some other great tips that can help in preventing a break-in, in addition to a security camera(s), can be found at Here are a few of them:

  1. Make your home look occupied, and make it difficult to break in.

  2. Lock all outside doors and windows before you leave the house or go to bed.

  3. Keep your garage door closed and locked.

  4. Don't allow daily deliveries of mail, newspapers or flyers build up while you are away. Arrange with the Post Office to hold your mail, or arrange for a friend or neighbor to take them regularly.

  5. Arrange for your lawn to be mowed if you are going away for an extended time.

  6. Check your locks on doors and windows and replace them with secure devices as necessary.

  7. Pushbutton locks on doorknobs are easy for burglars to open. Install deadbolt locks on all your outside doors.

  8. Sliding glass doors are vulnerable. Special locks are available for better security.

  9. Other windows may need better locks. Check with a locksmith or hardware store for alternatives.

  10. Don't share your vacation plans on social media.

So when looking for an excellent Security Camera that will protect you and your home, let My Camera Match help you find the perfect fit!

Have a good day guys!


-My Camera Match Crew



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