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          Do you love taking adventures underwater, exploring the open ocean or fresh water habitats? Let me introduce you to the Gladius Mini. This little camera packs a big punch when capturing underwater content! Whether you want to dive along side it, your use the remote controller to explore remotely, you can grab some amazing content with this camera. Have you ever wondered, "what's the best underwater video camera", this camera answers that question for you! You will have crisp underwater videos to share this your followers and friends.

          Here are some other great features for this underwater camera:

  • Real Time Viewing

  • Remote Control with 330 ft tether

  • App remote control

  • Adjustable tilt lock

  • Fish Finder

  • 30 fps

  • HDMI

  • 4K

  • (2) 1200 lumen headlights

  • Depth lock

  • Speed of up to 4 knots

  • Maneuvering with a game controller

          With 4 stars and 69 reviews on, this camera is an exciting option for your fast paced adventures and deep sea diving or any underwater expeditions!

Have a good day guys!


-My Camera Match Crew



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