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Nanny Cams
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Check out your amazing results!

Here are your matches, which will you choose?

Check out this amazing nanny camera by IMOU. With app capabilities, night vision and 2-way audio you won't miss a beat of what is happening in your home!
Here is another great camera by IMOU. some of its features include spo
Here is a hidden camera to help you always know what is happening in your home when you are gone!
Blink Mini. This compact camera is perfect to help you always know what is going on in your home with your little ones!
Use this perfect hidden camera to keep an eye on you little ones as they are being watched when you are gone!
This hidden camera can be placed anywhere and is easy to set-up. With a 5-star rating this camera is sure to get the job done!

Does Your child's Caregiver Exhibit Red Flags? 

How safe is your child? This particular quiz can give you clues to see if your caregiver choice for your child is helping to keep your child safe. It is our desire at My Camera Match to make sure that all kids are safe and well taken care of. This quiz is simply a tool to help parents and guardians think about who is watching their child(ren). Another great tool is a Nanny Cam. Nanny Cams give visibility and that brings accountability. Keep your kids safe with a Nanny Cam.

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