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          If your like most people you have an interest in knowing that your child is safe while they are being watched when you are away. But how can you know what is really going on? Enter in the Nanny Cam, and more specifically the 1080P HD Wifi Camera. This small camera gives you the ability to monitor your home's activity at a low cost and ease of access. Just place the camera where you would like, download the app and begin viewing and monitoring your home's activity. Now you will never have to wonder, what is happening while you are away. You can have the confidence and peace that comes from knowing. Here are some other great features of this tiny, but mighty camera:

  • 160 degree view and clear picture even in low light

  • Infrared night vision

  • 3-10 days battery life per charge

  • Alerts through app when motion is detected 

  • Compasity to record as regular camera if no wifi (card not included)

  • Small and easy to hide

  • Easy and fast set up!

          So whether you want to monitor one specific room, or connect multiple cameras from different rooms, you will always be able to see what is going on in your home so your children can be safe!

Have a good day guys!


-My Camera Match Crew



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