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Unique Photo Props & Albums

Let's be honest, cameras are amazing! With all they have to offer and all that they are able to do now-a-days, its almost temping to call it magic. But without the props and beautiful photo albums to put them in, the artistic nature would be slightly lacking. Whether you are looking for something that makes your photos stand out among the millions of others, or you are simply wanting to have something that embraces the same love for creativity that you live by, we have some great options to add that extra flare to your already amazing photos!

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Photo Props!

Every photo deserves some stellar props. Whether you props for your party, or props for a photo session leave it to My Camera Match to get you some fantastic options. Don't let your next party end without an epic photo booth. No one can resist some squiggly mustaches and 70's glasses. It will be a sure way to break the ice in your party so that everyone can get down to having some real fun and a genuine good time. And if you have a professional  photography business, stay competitive with other photographers by having some unique props for your clients.


From goofy to professional, casual to formal gathering, check out the prop options below to get some great ideas! We are always adding more, so come back to check whats new!

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If you are interested in some sparkling at your party look no further than this set of photo props for your own photo booth. Be careful though, people may never want to leave!

Screenshot 2022-05-20 1.59.36 PM.png

Be the party of the century with your very own slow motion photo booth. Add style, class and a touch of the red carpet to your event. This will be an unforgettable evening!

Screenshot 2022-05-20 2.00.16 PM.png

Every good photo session has to have a stylish background to set the mood. Try out this twinkle background set for your next set of graduation or special event photos.

Screenshot 2022-05-20 1.58.33 PM.png

What to give your guests the opportunity to splash some personality and flair into you event's photo booth? Check out these props to add some creativity to your party!

Screenshot 2022-05-20 2.09.39 PM.png

Have you got an itch to start your own infant photography business, or add an infant photography section to your already bustling business? Start here with a great deal on a newborn photo prop and pillows.

Screenshot 2022-05-20 2.11.21 PM.png

And while you are thinking about starting your newborn photography venture, don't forget some adorable prop outfits, like this ultra cute knit basket outfit!

Screenshot 2022-05-20 1.56.36 PM.png
Screenshot 2022-05-20 1.57.11 PM.png

Do you have a party coming up with a theme of the peace and love era? This unique prop kit will give your party the added touch of creativity to make your party one no one will forget.

Give every guest the ability to picture themselves with a seemingly endless amount of photo booth options. Wear a top hat with a mustache, or grab some bunny ears and star eyes!

Screenshot 2022-05-20 2.13.25 PM.png

If the twinkle background did not interest you, this wood themed drapery background prop definitely will! Take your photo sessions to the next level with this aesthetically pleasing background with a wood themed effect.

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Unique Photo Albums

Photo Albums can help set the mood before viewing your photos. Did you have a blast of a vacation in the Amazon, and now looking for something that really emphasizes the unique and adventurous time that you had there? Or did you hope on a plane and jump into the land where dreams come true, adventuring with Mickey and friends? Or maybe you went to the land down under and found some mates at the local watering hole that you will never forget? A photo album can further emphasize the importance of whatever photos you place in them. They can be rustic, artsy, vivacious or plain. Whatever your fancy you can find some amazing options if you just scroll down!

Screenshot 2022-05-20 2.33.44 PM.png

With its beautiful blue hew and its sweet leather roping, this album has an artistic nature about it. And if you need for pages, you can simply add more!

Screenshot 2022-05-20 2.34.46 PM.png

Did you just finish the wedding of your dreams? Such an amazing event deserves an equally amazing place to hold all the memories of it! with its one of a kind design, you won't find many other albums quite like this beautiful option.

Screenshot 2022-05-20 2.36.24 PM.png

Find happiness for all your deserving photos in this gorgeous wooden photo album. Do you like to do a little scrap booking too? This book is for you with so many options all within a lovely design.

Screenshot 2022-05-20 2.40.37 PM.png

Ever heard of a linen wrapped photo album? This luxurious product will make your want to revisit your photos again and again!

Screenshot 2022-05-20 2.43.06 PM.png

This custom engraved photo album will give you the ability to enjoy a sleek design and unparalleled artistry. The lovebirds will be sure to encourage you to lovingly revisit the beautiful memories stored within its pages.

Screenshot 2022-05-20 2.42.27 PM.png

This album has such a unique design. Genuine leather generously wraps around all of its interior pages, leaving your photos safe and ready to revel in those sweet memories.

Screenshot 2022-05-20 2.39.40 PM.png

If you are looking for a unique and exciting way to store and view your photos, look no further! You will not likely find many people storing and showing their photos quite like this.

Screenshot 2022-05-20 2.38.24 PM.png

If you are looking for good quality with a little bit of whimsical, this album is your best purchase. Bring a smile to your face before you even open this book. Image how big your smile will be when you actually see your photos!

Screenshot 2022-05-20 2.37.16 PM.png

Hey world traveler! The pictures you have from all of your epic adventures must be..well...epic! Find a photo album that fits that bill as well.

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