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          Are you an avid runner or someone who greatly enjoys fast paced sports? Do you love to record your unique adventures so that you can share them with your friends, fans, followers and family? Let me introduce you to the Run Cam 5! This camera is among the best cameras for running and action videos. With its ultra light 4k HD recording capabilities, this camera will help you capture any exploration and adventure that you desire to complete. You will have no problem uploading your content to your YouTube channel with this camera's 27k 60fp recording capability, and with its lightweight design you can take it anywhere with you. You can just carry on with enjoying your amazing exploration or adventure and the run cam will capture all of your awesome content! Looking to capture more wildlife videos while you are out and about? This camera has all the features to live stream while you discover what is out there!

          Some other great qualities to this camera include the following:

  • Image stabilization with a high performance image sensor

  • 4k recording time up to 105 minutes

  • Light weight (only 56 grams!)

  • Small and strong

  • MP4 file format

  • Ease of use with the RunCam App

  • High definition images even when facing directly into the sunlight

  • Invigorating and original design (Oh so orange!)

          With 4.5 stars and 268 reviews on, this camera is an exciting option for your fast paced adventures! 

Have a good day guys!


-My Camera Match Crew



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